Photograph by Jubilare, 2012

This is my catch-all post for the rest of our time in Ottawa. I will jump around quite a bit.

And no, Germany hasn’t annexed Canada. Our trip happened to coincide with a visit from Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The above horses and Shelob’s fascinatingly deformed little sister below are outside of the National Gallery of Canada.

Photograph by Jubilare, 2012

Photograph by Jubilare, 2012

My friend and I pre-ordered tickets to view the Vincent van Gogh exhibit there, which was beautiful. The paintings were mostly landscapes and nature-studies, and as usual I had to clasp my fingers behind my back.  Vincent’s painting style makes me want to touch it the surface, but I also don’t want to get arrested, so…

There are, naturally, no pictures of the inside of the museum. We also saw a contemporary Inuit art exhibit including a beautifully hand-carved set of antlers.

Photograph by Jubilare, 2012

We visited the R.C.M.P. musical ride center, and got to see some of the horses! This is probably more exciting for me than for you.

Photograph by Jubilare, 2012

I apologize for the wretched quality of the following pictures. As I have said before, I need to figure out my camera’s settings. All of my training was with film cameras. Digital cameras intimidate me.

Anyway, this is the hostel where we stayed in Ottawa. It is an old jail. We took a tour to learn about the jail’s history. It is home to the last functioning (though long-since disused) gallows in Canada. The cells, in their original state are just long and wide enough for someone to stand or lay down. The conditions must have been horrible, and the experience for me was both sobering and fascinating.

Photograph by Jubilare, 2012

We were in “cell 5” on the 2nd from the ground floor. Walls between the two neighboring cells have been mostly removed, so we were in three-times the space of the original prisoners.

Photograph by Jubilare, 2012

Photograph by Jubilare, 2012

And we go from jails to cats. I told you I would jump around. So, there is a cat sanctuary beside Parliament. I have no idea why. The kitty below was very friendly. The kitty above didn’t think much of us, though. We do tend to look suspicious and we had no tuna.

Photograph by Jubilare, 2012

And finally, the below picture represents a tradition my friend had from her previous sojourns into Canada. She counts her trips to Tim Hortons. I must say that I like this chain. Their coffee is reasonably priced and better tasting than Starbucks, they have decent tea (Starbucks, your tea is HORRIBLE, just fyi) and fantastic donuts. On the whole, it is probably better for me if we don’t get a Tim Hortons in my home town. I already have to resist the Donut Den.

Photograph by Jubilare, 2012

One more post and I will be finished inflicting my travels on you.


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4 responses to “Ottawa

  • emilykazakh

    Your trip sounds lovely. I want to go to Canada now! Oh, and van Gogh? So jealous.
    NYC had a Tim Horton’s, and it was lovely. Did you have their maple sugar doughnut? So delicious. It’s a good thing I didn’t discover TH until my last week. ;)

    • jubilare

      It’s a big country, and there’s a lot to see that I haven’t seen yet! It’s funny, to me, how much I have neglected the places closest to home, both in my own country and the ones next door. Of course, I still want to travel to far away places too…
      I’ve been very blessed in my chances to see amazing art, and I feel it, for sure! Photographs of paintings simply cannot compare.

      I did, and it was lovely, but my favorites (that could easily be my downfall) were the sourcream donuts. Absolutely astoundingly tastetastic! If I had been in Canada for more than a few days, I would have been in trouble. As it was, I think I went through withdrawal. ;)

  • emilykazakh

    I have seen Niagra Falls, and I spent a night in Toronto due to a cancelled flight, but alas, that is the extent of my Canadian adventures.

    Ooh, those sound delicious.

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