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I didn’t mean to lie

I really was intending that to be my last post for a while, but the in light of the news I got from the doctor today, I felt that I owed it to my blog-friends to pass on some good news. Whether you have been praying or sending good thoughts, thank you.

The tumor has shrunk so significantly that they were unable to do a biopsy on it today. It is less than a quarter of its original size and did not show up on an ultrasound. My doctor and nurses were so happy that some of them cried a little.

I am grateful to God for His mercy, for my physicians, and for the progress of medical science!

For now, treatment will continue as it is. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are still in my immediate future, but this is a great triumph, and I wanted to share it with all of you and thank you, again, for your thoughts and prayers.

Love and blessings!

Ok, my break starts now, for reals.


From The Four Loves

“Say your prayers in a garden early, ignoring steadfastly the dew, the birds and the flowers, and you will come away overwhelmed by its freshness and joy; go there in order to be overwhelmed and, after a certain age, nine times out of ten nothing will happen to you.”
The Four Loves by C. S. Lewis

I’ve been busy, and I will probably be taking an internet hiatus soon. I recently finished The Four Loves, by C. S. Lewis. As always, when I read him, I was overwhelmed by his ability to express himself. Over all, I found the book fascinating and enlightening. I also wish I could get in touch with the man and debate some things with him, but ah well.

The above quote is something that struck me, when I read it, for I’ve had just the experience he is talking about. My relationship with God effects every single aspect of my life, even the ones that, on the surface, would seem to have nothing at all to do with spirituality, religion or faith. Prayer effects the taste of an apple and the sound of my cats’ asking for breakfast.

There’s another quote I will share, soon, but I figured I would go ahead and post this one.

From the Archives: The (Ordinary) Radical Christian

Sharon addresses an issue I have struggled with, off and on, my whole life. She does it very effectively, too!

From the Archives: The (Ordinary) Radical Christian.

Prayers and good thoughts, please

I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. This came as a shock because it is pretty rare among people my age. So far the prognosis is good. My life is no more at risk than on an average day.

I wanted to tell you all for several reasons. First, I believe in prayer and am not shy in asking those who share my faith to pray for me and my family. For my friends who do not pray, know that I treasure your good thoughts and love.  Second, I may feel like venting or musing on this blog and it might be good for you to have a head’s up. And third, if I am lax on posting, I have a very good excuse. ;)

That’s all for now, I think. Bless you all, and thank you.

Christmas Song 2012



[Thanks to Deanna for introducing me to this one!]




I come from hevin heich to tell
The best nowells that e’er befell.
To you thir tythings trew I bring
And I will of them say and sing:


This day to you is born ane child
Of Mary meik and Virgin mild.
That blissit bairn bening and kind
Sall you rejoyce baith hart and mind.


Lat us rejoyis and be blyth
And with the Hyrdis go full swyth
To see what God in his grace hath done
Throu Christ to bring us to his throne.


My saull and life stand up and see
Wha lyis in ane cribbe of tree.
What Babe is that, sa gude and fair?
It is Christ, God’s Son and Heir.


O my deir hart, yung Jesus sweit,
Prepair thy creddill in my spreit!
And I sall rock thee in my hart
And never mair fra thee depart.


O I sall praise thee evermoir
With sangis sweit unto thy gloir.
The kneis of my hart sall I bow
And sing that rycht Balulalow.


I come from hevin heich to tell
The best nowells that e’er befell.
To you thir tythings trew I bring
And I will of them say and sing:


This day to you is born ane child
Of Mary meik and Virgin mild!
That blissit bairn bening and kind
Sall you rejoyce baith hart and mind!





I am going to take a break from the Internets for a while.  Starting tomorrow, I will be A.W.O.L. and seek me as you will, I shall not be found for a few weeks. When I return, posts will continue and I will reply to comments as usual.

What shall I be doing with my time, you ask?

1. Prayer and meditation. There is always the next step, and for a while there have been some things I need to work through before I know which step is next.

2. Writing. Seriously.

3. Silly things like financial planning, scheduling a termite inspection for my home and finding a dentist that doesn’t scare me… much.

4. Masks. I have six in the works and they plead to be finished.

5. Organizing things around my house. All those photographs and papers. I hate papers!

6. Reading. I have several borrowed books that need finishing… or starting.

7. Canada! I will post about that when I get back.

8. Canoeing or kayaking. Jubilare needs water travel. Manni, my dog, has lost his kayaking privileges. Not that I think he minds.

9. Yard work. My poor, poor yard.

10. Making fire-starters. Because, in my family, they are a necessity.

If any of you are in danger of being bored (which seems unlikely), I suggest checking out my links to the right, there.  Eyemaze is dangerous and addictive. TV Tropes can be useful for those of us who write, and amusing for everyone. Lackadaisy is… Lackadaisy.

Also, Hark a Vagrant! has amusing comics, some of which have to do with history and literature. Serious nerd-fodder. For those who like to know, the comic has some “mature content,” just as history and literature do.
This comic introduced me to people such as Emperor Norton! Seriously, look him up!

Au revior!

Requiescat in Pace


Marky Pace, the mother of a dear friend of mine, passed from this world and on to the next the night before last.

She is known for the warmth of her heart and the love she showered on so many in her lifetime. I imagine she was welcomed home with joyful singing, and she always did love the sound of voices raised in music.

Rest in peace and joy, Marky, and may the blessings your life gave to your family and friends comfort them until they meet you again.

God, comforter of grieving hearts, be with all of us who are, for now, left behind.


Thank You, Lord, for the rough country; for the times when my path is a struggle. Thank You for the blisters, bruised heel, and scrapes from my falls. Thank You for the travelers, of all kinds, around me. Thank You for enough food and water to live, but not so much that I forget to be glad of it.

Thank You for the still times, the easy walks after a hard climb, and the places that call me to rest, but never for long. I, like Frost, have miles to go before I sleep.

Thank You for letting me break, like shale dropping from a height. I thought it was me that would shatter, but I did not see the prison I had built around myself. Prison-breaking is painful, but until I was out, I never knew that Joy meant anything more than happiness. I did not know that Joy defies all circumstances and emotions. I did not know that it is transcendent. Strange, how You let us use the most simple words to describe things that we only begin to understand. Thank You for that as well, else how few words I would have!

Thank You for turning me out of myself, and for Your patience in doing so again and again, as I forget the lessons I have learned so many times. That is one reason for the rough of the road, perhaps. It makes me stumble, and reminds me where my eyes should be. You have more patience with me than I have with myself. Thank You.

Thank You, Yeshua, for the mysteries; the seeming-paradoxes that make us alive rather than existent. Thank you for Life. And most of all, thanks for Your presence on the road with me.

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