Jubilare (joo-bih-LA-rey) is a place for me to release some of the fullness of my soul, whether it be in joy, grief, or anything in-between. The in-between is usually in the form of creative writing and snark. I don’t claim that my ramblings are profound or important. All they are is necessary for me, and if they also happen to please you, that will make me smile.  This release  is a way for me to praise God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit and a reminder to me of my own existence and the existence of the universe.

You will see a very odd mixture, here. I ramble on the art of writing, on pop-culture, the making of masks, the natural world, faith, and occasionally issues on which I have strong opinions. There’s a fair amount of snark and wry humor. Because.

I hope that you enjoy what you find here.

I ask that no one use the content of this blog for their own purposes. Look, read, and enjoy. Bookmark or link what you wish, but please do not post my photographs or writing elsewhere, at least not without permission.

Thank you.


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