Obligatory Star Wars: The Force Awakens post

Spoilers! Do not read this until you’ve seen the film or don’t care about being spoiled.
That said, thank you, Josh, for writing such a great review! Josh’s view is very close to mine (he is a bit kinder to ep VII than I would be), so I will be lazy and instead of posting my own thoughts, I will give you all his. ^_^

Res Studiorum et Ludorum


Warning! Danger! Clicking below the fold will result in the new Star Wars being spoiled for you! Oh no! Avert your eyes! Whatever you do, don’t click!

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6 responses to “Obligatory Star Wars: The Force Awakens post

  • stephencwinter

    Way, way back in the 1970s I went with a group of friends to see Star Wars at my local movie theatre. The opening credits with John Williams amazing music excited me as did the opening scene when the space ship seemed to fly over our heads, and then…
    Boredom began to set in and I promise you that I am the kind of person who is naturally inclined towards enjoyment rather than boredom. I left the theatre feeling disappointed. A few weeks later I met up with another group of friends. “Let’s go and see Star Wars” they said. My heart sank but not wanting to spoil their evening I said nothing. My experience of the film did not change.
    I can’t get Star Wars. Maybe there have to be some people who don’t. But I do want to understand what those who love it get from it.
    Happy New Year!

    • jubilare

      Sometimes things just don’t strike us. A George MacDonald quote comes to mind: “If there be music in my reader, I would gladly wake it.” I actually wrote a post on in a fair time ago: https://jubilare.wordpress.com/2012/02/20/tuning/

      It comes down to differences in minds, perhaps differences in souls. Not differences that make one person better or worse than another, but differences that give creation fantastic and even endless variety. Not all things do we all love, and when we do happen to love the same things, perhaps it is for slightly different reasons.

      Lewis, I can’t recall where at the moment, wrote about the possibility that each one of us has a unique perspective on God… that our souls are individually crafted to love some aspect of Him in a way that no other person does. He also speculated that part of our eternal destiny is to communicate that love to each other. I… find that I idea very appealing. Whether it is true or not, we do know that each person experiences life a little differently. We all respond to things in a way that cannot always be predicted.

      You don’t resonate with Star Wars. I don’t resonate very much with the Chronicles of Narnia. I like them, but I’m not moved by them the way so many of my friends are. My dad doesn’t get Tolkien. At all. But there’s nothing wrong with that, I think, so long as we’re all respectful about it and don’t discount the experiences of others without good cause. You’re not alone in not being interested in Star Wars. But I love it. ^_^

      • stephencwinter

        I love your quotation from MacDonald, a writer you have encouraged me to read and I will do so this year! The awakening of music in the reader is a beautiful image. My love of Narnia is linked to my first encounter with it as an 8 year old boy listening to my teacher, Miss Maher, reading it to me. I was enchanted by her and the sound of her voice and by the journey through the wardrobe into the snow. Of course I wanted nothing to do with the queen but I loved the snow. Perhaps Lewis did not manage to convey the sense of privation after 500 years of winter. Mr Tumnus and the Beavers are so warm and snug indoors. In another comment you encourage me to give Star Wars another chance and I will. As you say, encouraging one another to look and to enjoy is a wonderful thing to do. I will read your blog post on Star Wars as well.

    • jubilare

      By the way, you should probably take a whack at the new SW, just in case. It’s a bit different and in my opinion, very good. You never know, the younger generation might catch you. ;)

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