Dragon’s Loyalty Award!


With a glassy rustle, a dragon stretches a great green wing of feather-like translucent scales. It yawns, revealing several rows of sharp teeth and a pair of upward-curving, no-nonsense tusks. Resettling its wings, it pricks a pair of mule-like ears forward and peers out of the blog with emerald eyes.

Right, blog award.

Hello! My author, Jubilare, has asked that I not give my name here. She’s trying to keep her WIP’s mostly private until they are, ah, more prepared for the world, or the world is more prepared for them. I forget which.

But considering the name of this award, she felt that I should be the one to accept it. I don’t see why. I have very little to do with the day-to-day running of the blog, but she insists that she never would have started writing but for me. So here I am.

From the limited information she has given me, (research, dear, always research), the Dragon´s Loyalty Award is “presented to blogs with exceptional content.”

It is a great honor to accept this award. From the name, I assume that, lost somewhere in the shadowy (ahem, un-researched) history of this award is either a dragon who awarded it to a particularly loyal blog, or else it was awarded to a particularly loyal dragon who blogs. Not being a blogger, myself, I can’t really relate.

Jubilare: Um, buddy? can we try to get this in under 1000 words?

Not it you interrupt me we won’t.

Jubilare: Maybe I should’ve asked one of your brothers…

Which one? The one who makes me look laconic? The one you’d have to bribe? Or the one who’d actually make you do hours of research beforehand? Oh, or how about the one that hates you?

Jubilare: …Carry on.

Wings are re-shuffled, and the dragon draws a long breath.

Right. Well, as I was saying, it is an honor to accept this award on behalf of this blog. It, the blog, I mean, was awarded this prize by one Stephencwinter, whose blog my author greatly enjoys. Thank you, Mr. Winter! Visit my home some time. I’ll buy you a drink and show you around.

This award carries with it several requirements. Hold on.

The dragon holds out a scaly hand, complete with talons, and accepts a  poster-board from Jubilare. It looks like a post-it-note in the dragon’s grasp.

First: Display this award on your blog.

Jubilare: Done.

Great. Next we announce our win with a post and thank the Blogger who awarded us. …I’m doing that right now, yes?

Jubilare: yep

Excellent. Now, we present this same award to 15 meritorious bloggers. Fifteen? This thing must multiply faster than rabbits.

Jubilare: I, uh, only have 12.

I see. Well, it looks like we don’t get to accept the award because my author doesn’t know how to follow rules.

Jubilare: Hey! Stephen didn’t do fifteen, either, and he still got to accept it.

The dragon grins toothily and flicks one ear. Oh, all right. If the award police come for me, though, I’m giving you up. I won’t go down for your crimes.

The twelve blogs Jubilare would like to nominate are… flips the poster-board and thrums the fingers of one taloned hand on the ground like a snare-drum-roll

Bekindrewrite – All shall love her, and despair!

Dreaming of Other Realms – an epic storyteller from “Kiwiland”

The Egotist’s Club – A magnificent menagerie of muses.

Grimmella – How can she not be awesome with a blog-name like that?

Lovethebadguy – Delightfully wicked

Pages Unbound – They read books. Lots of books. And tell us about them!

A Pilgrim in Narnia – already has one of these, that should tell you something

Res Studiorum et Ludorum -Profoundly Geeky, and Geekily Profound

Soughing of Pines – This dragon’s particular friend. Writer and Renaissance woman.

Strange Figures – Painfully honest, in a world in desperate need of honesty

Technicolorlilypond – Just as colorful as it says it is

The Warden’s Walk – Should be called “The Warden’s Fabulous Hat”

Now I must link them?

Jubilare: I just did.

And… let them know of their being awarded.

Jubilare: We’ll do that after we finish here.

You mean I will, don’t you.

Jubilare: I’ll help!

Alright. Last item on the list.

The tip of the dragon’s tail swishes.

Write seven things about you. …is that me-you or you-you?

Jubilare: I think it’s supposed to be me, but make one of them about you, just in case.

Hm. Well, Jubilare is obsessive. And I do mean obsessive. When she’s trying to work through a scene, she will sometimes listen to the same song, or handful of songs, for HOURS. IT’S HORRIBLE. And when she’s found something to obsess about, it is very hard to derail her to anything else.

She also loves almonds. She eats them all the time. Perhaps that ties in with the obsession issues.

What else… despite being obsessive, she is also easily distracted. While it is hard to get her off something she is obsessing over, it is equally hard to get her to focus on tasks. Very annoying when one is trying to get her to write.

I also think she is rather sweet, even when she’s glaring at me, like right now.

That’s what, four? Hm. Five would be that she is something of a pyromaniac. Not an arsonist, mind. She’s been well taught not to burn other people’s things without permission, but she loves fire. As a dragon, of course, I approve.

Six. She has a thing for creatures, like dragons, bats, creepy-crawlies and such, that are often reviled. Even as a kid, I was her imaginary friend. Every child should have a dragon, don’t you think?

Seven needs to be about me? Well, I love apple fritters and whiskey, not necessarily together. Please send apple fritters and whiskey by way of my author.

Thank you all. It’s been surprisingly fun.

Are we in under 1000 words?

Jubilare: Shockingly, yes. Thank you, oh dragon-mine. Here’s the list of “requirements,” that are optional, and will break the 1000 word limit, alas!

  1. Display Award on your Blog.
  2. Announce your win with a post and thank the Blogger who awarded you.
  3. Present 15 deserving Bloggers with Award
  4. Link your awardees in the post and let them know of their being awarded.
  5. Write seven interesting things about you.

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19 responses to “Dragon’s Loyalty Award!

  • Colleen

    Wonderful! Congratulation!

  • wispywillow

    D’awww, thank you, my lovelies! I really needed that today :) *pulls jubilare and {ze dragon!} (as much of him as she can manage) into a group hug*

  • The loyalty of a dragon? | Res Studiorum et Ludorum

    […] of a, “Dragon’s Loyalty Award,” for bloggers by being offered said award by  Jubilare. In her nomination, she describes me as, “Profoundly Geeky, and Geekily Profound,” a […]

  • stephencwinter

    That was worth waiting for! I love your dragon! She writes with a joy that is really infectious (I assume that your dragon is a she. That reminds me of a line from Shrek, of course!) And please thank your dragon for the offer of a drink. That’s a first as well! My wife and I have a cousin in the United States. Mine lives in California and hers in New Jersey. We really like both of them so if we make a visit to either which one will be closer to your dragon? In the meantime I am looking forward to reading the blogs you recommend.

    • jubilare

      Lol! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Sorry it took so long! Shrek is such a fun movie.

      This dragon is actually a “he,” but I don’t think he minds the confusion.

      Dragon: *shrugs a wing* not at all.

      Jubilare: I live in Tennessee, which is considerably closer to NJ, but not particularly close, so I’m not sure you could manage all that in one trip. Still, if you could, that would be fun!

      Dragon: I live on a floating island somewhere between earth and the moon on a large chunk of land that used to be part of Scandinavia. One has to get there by… less conventional means, like magic doors or wizards. Or, I suppose, my author.

      Jubilare: it’s… a really pretty place, actually. Not what usually comes to mind when people think “dragon lair.”

      • stephencwinter

        It would be fun indeed if we were to meet. I was just pondering the English sense of distance. It’s quite hobbit like really. If a place is too far to get to and then get home again in a day’s journey then we think it is a really long way away. I feel that about my daughter’s university. She is too far away.
        Now as to the homes of dragons… I remember walking through woods one day when the first snows of winter were gently falling and suddenly realising that I could enter Narnia at any moment if I were to exercise my imagination. I know that fauns were hiding among the trees on that magical day as the world about me was being transformed before my eyes. I would like to visit your dragon’s world. Perhaps you can be my guide? And a guide to other people who might read what you write a well.

        • jubilare

          It is, isn’t it! The American sense of distance, at least in most parts, is a great contrast. My brother and I noticed that when we first visited our friends across the pond. Even our definition of what a day-trip was ended up being very different. It makes sense, though.

          It’s true. We can enter other realms. And my relationship with my own (I call it “mine,” but in all truth, I see myself as more of a gatekeeper than a creator) is very complex. As you can probably guess, from my exchange with wispywillow, I’ve guided people through the dragon’s home before! I’d be happy to show you around. :)

  • Mary

    Thank you! These awards that float around wordpress are always so much fun. Work’s been a bit overwhelming recently with some pretty serious staff-shortage issues but I will hopefully be able to respond with my own post soon!

    Oh and guess what? We’re both pyromaniacs! Being around candles is always a bit dangerous for me- I tend to pick random things up and stick it in the flame just to see what it looks like as it burns. My favorite chemistry experiment in high school was when we got to set different minerals on fire to see the colors as they burned.

  • Dragon’s Loyalty Award! | Grimmella

    […] me wish I could just delete what I wrote and paste what she said instead. Be sure to check out the post she wrote (transcribed?) when she accepted her nomination- it’s far cleverer than what I will be […]

  • Stephanie Orges

    Burning stuff is fun, and part of the reason I prefer incense to candles. I like the smell of the smoke. We used to have “homework barbecues” when school got out, and burn all the school papers we didn’t need anymore while listening to Pink Floyd’s The Division Bell (great burning music).

    What brand of whiskey does your dragon prefer? I’d love to send him a thank-you for the tooth. May I recommend TX Whiskey?

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