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Please, Walk with me

Technicolorlilypond is a gem. She is in possession of both the inquiring mind of a scientist, and the creative mind of a writer and craftswoman. She has a great eye for beauty, and an appetite for books that frequently causes my jaw to drop. She is also fond of crows, which, to me, just goes to show how great she is.
She has, fairly recently, been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Her response to this can be seen below. Please share and support as you can. I have experienced, first-hand, what a difference medical research can make. I want to see that difference, and more, in the war against MS.


Leaves and river by E.A. Schneider Leaves and river by E.A. Schneider

Hello, dear readers. I’m writing to appeal to you for help with something that is really important to me: multiple sclerosis. In 2013 I was diagnosed with this disease. In oblique terms I wrote about my experience in four previous posts: Spring Crafting, Flash Fiction: Flight, Creations, and 2013: Reflections. Most of my heaviest emotions were in “2013: Reflections” wherein I used words and capsule reviews of stories to grapple with my new reality. I didn’t want to make a big deal about my disease here at the pond, and I still don’t, because I want to be defined by how I live my life rather than a disease I happen to have. However, someone really smart told me once that you can make more of a difference with one good interview or article than you can with years of…

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