A George MacDonald Quote

“Contempt is murder committed by the intellect, as hatred is murder committed by the heart.”

David Elginbrod, by George MacDonald

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5 responses to “A George MacDonald Quote

    • jubilare

      He was a brilliant man. I have you to thank for my finding this quote today. :)

      David Elginbrod is on my list of things to read, but I haven’t reached it, yet. This was in the collection of MacDonald quotes, though.

  • Dave

    Reblogged this on Jordanfel's Blog and commented:
    I have never read this work of MacDonald’s. If this quote proves consistent across the book, then the pleasure I have in this work will be consistent with those others’ of his I have read.

  • stephencwinter

    There is a story from “The Little Flowers of St Francis” that came to mind when I read this quote from George MacDonald. Francis and some brothers come across some monks as they walk the road. They see one monk standing patiently in silence as the other monks hurl insults at him and are impressed by his humility. One of the brothers praises him and asks him how he is able to bear the insults so patiently. The monk replies, “Why should I care what they have to say? They are all fools!” Whenever I am tempted to think this of someone who I may feel has slighted me this story comes to mind. It makes me laugh at myself, helping me not to take myself too seriously. Your quote from George MacDonald brings this to mind again. Thank you very much.

    • jubilare

      It’s an easy thing to fall into, isn’t it? Contempt can be as tempting as hate, or even moreso because contempt brings with it illusions that we are on a higher level somehow. We really cannot see what God sees, not unless He gives us glimpses, and keeping that doubt in mind has helped me fight my own desire to despise folks.
      Contempt also gives a kind of strength, like hatred. The story of the monk shows that. It’s a destructive strength, though.

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