Put it to a vote

I am planning to post a few new mask pictures soon, but I am also wanting to post a creepy story snippet next month.

My problem is that I have more than one to consider.  So I have decided to consult you-all. Both are pieces of larger works, and so are not fully explained or resolved, but hopefully both are entertaining, and I certainly want feedback on both.

Option 1.  A short vampire-tale in a more classic-style and with a more medieval setting than usual. There is no mopey vampire wangst, and no sexy-vampire, just, hopefully, and undercurrent of creepy.

Option 2. A less-classic, more “New-World” based snippet that is also, hopefully, creepy. It is shorter and stranger than option 1, and not a monster-tale or ghost-story, exactly.

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. I do not aim to write horror. I don’t like blood and gore, and I don’t like things that leave me feeling frightened. I do, however, like stories that give me a creepy chill, or a feeling of suspense. It’s a fine line, and varies from person to person. Also, it is especially hard, I find, to judge where, in my own writing, the line falls. Finding that line is one of my current goals.

So, vote away! And if you want to vote for something else, I suppose that is fair, too, though I may not listen.

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20 responses to “Put it to a vote

  • medievalotaku

    I’ll vote for option one. Old fashioned vampire stories are my favorite kind of horror.

    • jubilare

      Sometimes monsters need to be monsters, eh? :)

      • medievalotaku

        You got that right! I am tired of all these sympathetic monster shows. Tokyo Ghoul stands as the worst offender recently. As I understand it, the way people become ghouls is similar to the way people become vampires. A ghoul, however, needs to eat human flesh to live. The anime shows many of these ghouls as being very personable and willy-nilly forced to consume human flesh. Tokyo Ghoul tries to make the viewer sympathize with these cannibalistic monsters, but the fact that they eat people destroys whatever chance of identification I might have with them. xD

        • jubilare

          Yikes… I’ve not seen that.
          Vampire wangst seems to be everywhere these days. I understand the desire to deconstruct monsters, I sometimes do it myself, but it should never be done at the expense of recognizing the existence of Monsters, capital intended. That’s why I tend to like the Dracula-types, who are what they are because they chose to be, and they aren’t angsting about it. Vampires are one of those things that I enjoy most when they are scary.

  • Rob

    Isn’t the correct term “y’all?”

    Anyway, I vote #2. Afraid I’m all vampired-out. Besides, the New World is getting pretty creepy and I’d like to see your take on it.

    P.S. – Wouldn’t you love to see what Anne Rice’s Lestat would do with these wimpy modern vamps? The thought brings a smile to my face.

    • jubilare

      Y’all has to roll off the tongue, else it sounds forced, and with my accent, it just don’t fit right. ;)

      My vampires were born out of my also being all vampired-out. Sounds Ironic, doesn’t it?
      There’s no “Brave New World” type creepy in the more modern (closer to colonial-era) story, so I hope it don’t disappoint you if it wins.

      That would be something, though I partly blame Anne Rice for the proliferation. These wimpy vamps are Lestat’s children, in a lot of ways.

      • Rob

        Yes, she is partly to blame, but comparing Lestat to the Twilight vamps is like comparing Moby Dick to Popeye. Sorry, but it was the best I could come up with!

        • jubilare

          That’s being a little harsh on Popeye, don’t you think? ;)
          I’ve not read the Twilight series, it isn’t my cup of tea to begin with, but I have read some excerpts of the writing. They were the nail in the coffin (or perhaps the stake through the heart?) of any curiosity to see what all the “fuss” was about. I have heard that Meyer wants to improve her writing skills, though.

  • Colleen

    (You all is more formal. Ya’ll the less formal contraction.) ;-)

    • jubilare

      It’s funny, maybe I don’t pay enough attention, but the only people I ever hear (in Middle TN) say “y’all” are people trying to mimic a “southern accent.” Maybe it’s because when a local says it, it’s scarcely noticeable?

  • David

    It’s a regional thing, I think: here in California, “you all” only slightly run together is acceptably casual, whereas a full on “ya’ll” signifies someone deliberately trying to sound “Southern” (and thus usually sounds more forced).

    As to the story, I’m eager to read anything you write. I do rather like the classic vampire style, especially with medieval trappings–at least as much as I enjoy anything vampire-related, considering I’m not a huge fan of the fellas. If there must be a bloodsucker, why not dress him in stylish formal dress and swooshy capes? But a different, New-World take on fantasy ideas is something I’ve already seen you do well, and something we don’t often see, so I’ll throw in my vote for #2.

  • Mary

    Is it too late to vote? Can we get both? I’m having trouble deciding. I like the old-fashioned-ness of Option 1, but I like the promise of strange-ness in Option 2. Eh, I’ll probably enjoy whatever you post.

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