The Writer’s Spidey Sense (#WritingWednesdays)

This is part of a series Brenton is posting (and there is a new fantastic one today!) I think that it is clear, in the reading, when a writer has trusted his or her instincts; followed where the story and the characters were leading. I could be wrong, because I am not in the heads of others, but I know the difference in my own writing between what comes and what is written to fill in the gaps, and I think I see the same pattern in others.

Anyway, go forth and read!

A Pilgrim in Narnia

writing_wednesdaysThis blog is part of a series of Wednesday posts on Writing Resources. See next Wednesday for the value of False Starts in Writing.

In our beat-you-over-the-head technotronic age, CGI is going to be a big feature in any superhero flick. But as much I should complain about the complete over-soak of CGI that makes it look like reject footage from that disastrous film 2012, I have to admit that there are parts I like. In particular, I love how we get to see Peter Parker’s spidey senses in play. There are a few scenes where this plays out–most of them in the 3 minute trailers that give the best of the movie away. But here is one of my favourites, the Times Square scene:

Using cutting-edge technology borrowed from The Matrix, we can imagine how Spider-Man sees the what is coming at him. And what the Webslinger…

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