Fireworks Day

“Remember, remember! The fifth of November, the Gunpowder Treason and plot; I know of no reason why the Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot!”

The quirkiness of the history and celebration of this holiday fascinate me. Melpomene has some thoughts to share, as well as the whole rhyme, which I have never heard!

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Also known as Guy Fawkes Day, and the Fifth of November. (As in, “Remember, remember . . . “)

Guy Fawkes is most know for being the one person caught in reference to the “Gunpowder Plot”, which was meant to blow up the British Parliament and thus restore a Catholic Monarch to the throne. Fawkes was tortured into describing the plot, and then carted off to execution.  However, before he could be hung, drawn and quartered he committed suicide by jumping from the gallows.

In defense of Catholic theology and reason, I must emphasize the point that Fakes was raised as in the Church of England. All of which clearly left poor Guy confused about right and wrong and intent versus consequence. Neither suicide nor murder have ever been condoned by us Papists. Or Anglicans, as far as I know. However, Guy, being as loopy as he must have been…

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10 responses to “Fireworks Day

  • palecorbie

    Firstly, Bonfire Night. Secondly, I would like to beat whoever decided to film V for Vendetta into a squishy pulp, because now Americans wish me a “Happy Guy Fawkes Day” and ask whether I think poor Guido was a hero or a villain then stare at me blankly when I start talking about Oliver Cromwell. *breathe breathe* Sorry. “Celtic” cultural appropriation I am so used to it barely registers (except when they put a single @~#&* English dwarf in charge of a group of Scotirish dwarves) but this new stuff just…itches. Rawr.

    Listen, before we burned a (rational, probably-framed and certainly tortured into confession) Catholic terrorist in effigy, we burned the Pope. Before we burned the Pope, we burned the witches. Before we burned the witches…well, it depends on whether you believe Roman sources as to what or who was given to the flames at the dark of the year. Suffice to say, it’s a tradition that goes back further than gunpowder, James just shifted the date a bit.

    • jubilare

      That last bit actually makes the entire holiday and its oddness make more sense. Thank you! I’m sorry it itches, and I can definitely sympathize with your reaction to the pop-culturization of such things.
      I am not wishing you, or anyone else, a Happy Guy Fawkes, though I naturally wish a good day to you, as always. I just find the whole thing so puzzling, probably because I’ve not researched it and I hear such a weird mishmash about it. If it helps any, though, I know more about it than a pop-culture reference, and I knew about it from long before the above-mentioned film came out.

      *offers a crisp, local pear that can’t be bought anywhere* I hope you are well, besides being itchy.

      • palecorbie

        [accepts pear with a defeated sigh] Thanks…it’s just, y’know, it wouldn’t be that hard to look up or seek out someone from the UK to ask, but folk just don’t care…then I feel bad over again for complaining, ’cause, y’know, I’m white.

        • jubilare

          Really good pears don’t last on shelves.
          Nay, nay. You need to vent. If you don’t, two things will happen. One, even more people will never think twice, and two, you will explode in some other way later on. It is Okay.
          You taught me something, and gave me a new avenue of thought, and those are good things. It is bad that people don’t care enough to get the facts, but it may help to remember that many people are bombarded with more facts and fictions than any person can reasonably look up. I am probably more at fault than most because I am generally inquisitive.

          • palecorbie

            Ach, well, once the best pear’s been bombarded with preserving gases it is no longer a good pear, methinks. [munches]
            What, like giblets?

            I suppose, but they could if they cared to… Pfft, no, more at fault are those (I’ve met ’em) who go “yeah, but traditions get adopted”…listening is always preferable to false justification.

          • jubilare

            I’ve certainly never had a supermarket pear I liked.
            What about giblets?

            They could.
            Ah, agreed. Listening is a very good thing. The instinct to defend oneself, right or wrong, is tough to overcome.

          • palecorbie

            If I asploded in ‘another way’…

            A particularly striking regional Nov.5th tradition:
            …you can probably tell at a glance that it probably didn’t start as a Christian partisan affair.

          • jubilare

            Ah. That… would be messy.

            Oh wow. That’s a lot of fire. Christianity being relatively young, few things did start as Christian events.

  • robstroud

    November 5th is my wife’s birthday. Imagine our surprise when we were stationed in England in the early nineties when we learned that the entire country celebrates it!

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