Just a tidbit for today. I think my characters are trying to kill me.

Last night, no less than five character and plot points resolved themselves in my head. While I was driving.

My fellow authors might know the “grab your notebook” impulse that took hold of me, but I was good! No writing while driving. I kept my hands on the wheel. On a good day, my brain has a hard time holding onto three ideas for more than a few minutes. I reduced the thoughts to their essentials and repeated them to myself.

When I reached my destination, the first thing I did was open my notebook and pen. By that time I only remembered four of the points.

In the wee hours of this morning I woke to a tornado warning. In the distance, I could faintly hear the sirens. I dragged my quilt into the closet and sat with my dog. Asher, my gray cat, was cool and calm, so I wasn’t greatly concerned.

And there, in the closet, in the middle of a tornado warning with wind and rain driving against the house, I remembered the fifth point.

Maybe I am too blasé about tornadoes. I left my refuge and got my notebook.


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31 responses to “Authorcide

  • Brenton Dickieson

    Perhaps that 5th plot idea was trying to save your life!

  • Raewyn Hewitt

    Kill you… make life more exciting. It’s a fine line. And who says writing is all sitting in front of the page.

  • palecorbie

    Ach, well, you have a necromancer or so. I wonder if your tornadoes were made of the force 9 we had last night/this morning.

    • jubilare

      True, but I’d be quite “unhappy” if any of my characters tried to keep me writing post-mortem.

      Force 9 Beaufort Scale? From what Wikipedia says, that is winds from 47 to 54 mph. Our news is telling us “Winds in excess of 100 mph,” but I think they have to be talking about the EF2 tornado, not the general wind, otherwise we’d be hurting a LOT. The damage mentioned from a force 9 sounds about the same or a little greater than what we faced, save for the tornado.
      The only fatality last night was a man who was not in the path of the tornado, but was killed by a falling tree. I was sad to hear the news this morning.

      • palecorbie

        You could haunt them with vengeances…

        My memory’s faulty, then…c.75mph, anyway. Aye, the rest of the world goes into calamity mode at about 63mph for a normal wind (known as “quite windy” here), it is hard to remember sometimes. (the average windspeed is 30ish here. Storms generally only do damage when they top the 85 mark.)

        Death is a capricious thing.

        • jubilare

          Well, yes, but they could be very nasty back… one of them certainly would be.

          I expect things are built, and grown, to expect such wind. I do love wind. I was telling my dad last night that, while I don’t relish tornadoes, I can’t help but adore the rising of a good storm. There’s also something exhilarating in seeing an impossible orangey-greenish sky.
          Looking at the news reports again, it seems that winds did reach 100 mph downtown, where there was no tornado. Hmm. I had better check my roof this weekend. I may have missed seeing a lot of damage by driving into work before dawn. It’s also probable that my part of town wasn’t hit so badly this time around. Elsewhere trees were snapped and roofs torn off. I have to wonder why we keep our powerlines above ground. It’s idiotic in an area like this.
          They say there were seven tornadoes confirmed in middle TN. February is starting its tantrums early.

          As are storms.

  • David

    You’re fortunate to have remembered them all! In deference to safety, it’s been years since I’ve tried to jot down a story note while driving, and it’s cost me many a good idea (though probably saved my life a few times).

  • robstroud

    Good for you. With the fragility of my memory, I’d have to pull over at the first available parking lot and interrupt my drive or I’m certain I’d forget some of the elements of my epiphany.

  • ladybluewhimsy

    Why do all good ideas (or, at least, many) come while driving???

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