Book-Meme 2012

Some people know that memes of this kind are something that I occasionally enjoy reading, and rarely enjoy doing. So why am I volunteering for one?

The mysterious muses of the Egotist’s Club have come up with a book meme that is short enough not to weary and thoughtful enough not to frustrate me. Reading the questions, I felt that I could answer them, and the dreaded “what is your favorite book” was not staring me in the face.

I hope that thinking critically about these questions, writing about them, and hopefully enjoying both, will exercise my brain in its more atrophied areas. Hopefully I will be able to remain faithful and finish this project. …It is a bad sign that I am already feeling lazy!

Anyway, on to the meat of the matter:

2012 Book Meme!

Time frame: Ten weeks.

Posting: Tuesday


Week 1: Book Crush(es)

Week 2: Books I’d give a theme song to

Week 3: Best villain

Week 4: Best love story

Week 5: Characters and literary figures I’d name my children after

Week 6: The author by whom you own the most books

Week 7: Favorite words and phrases, or lines and literary allusions that would win your heart.

Week 8: Best Story Settings

Week 9: Book(s) that you would bring on your honeymoon. (ie; so intrinsic to your life that it MUST be shared with your life partner as soon as possible. Or just fun to read together.)

Week 10: Books that I would bring if the world was going to be destroyed by aliens/cylons and we had to restart civilization as we know it. (ie: the basis of human knowledge and thought and civilization.)


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12 responses to “Book-Meme 2012

  • thalia3

    I’m so glad you’ll be with us on this! This will be even more fun with you along for the fun ride!

    • jubilare

      I am a bit shy in doing this. …aw, who am I kidding? I am wretchedly nervous, but I think that is all the more reason for me to drive myself to do it. I am glad that you all provided the chance, and I look forward to reading your own posts on the meme!

  • Colleen

    Can’t wait. Wonderful!

    • jubilare

      I fully expect to disappoint, considering how rusty I am, but hopefully I can at least spark some fun discussions. Deanna and I have already had a few interesting discussions and insights, and even debate on the importance/unimportance of a dictionary in rebuilding a civilization. She is pro-dictionary and I am anti-dictionary, which is shocking, considering how much I love the darn things.

  • mjschneider

    Looking forward to what you come up with. Even with a mere ten questions, I don’t think I’d be up to it at the moment!

  • David

    I’m going to try to do it, too! It might be a little tough, because I have an alarming backlog of regular posts I want to write, but memes like this are hard to resist, especially when you get a couple other bloggers like us all doing it together.

  • thalia3

    And now it’s a party! Keep a file of the backlog David, but join us! You can fast track it if you want to, so that you aren’t doing this for weeks.

    And oh, jubilare, you will remember how this goes. The rust will “go bye-byes”. Promise!

    • jubilare

      Woohoo! Party! At least we have one male voice in the mix!

      I hope so. It’s hard to cut the rambling down to something readable.

    • David

      Well, the only change I’m contemplating making is moving Topic 2, the theme song, to the end. I absolutely love the challenge, but it’s hard to find a satisfactory answer, so if I can’t come up with something next week I’ll just give myself more time.

  • Shout Out « jubilare

    […] the muses of the Egotist’s Club have produced some very intriguing answers two the second 2012 Book Meme question. Perhaps reading their posts opened a previously unexplored avenue of thought in me, […]

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