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Book-Meme 2012

Some people know that memes of this kind are something that I occasionally enjoy reading, and rarely enjoy doing. So why am I volunteering for one?

The mysterious muses of the Egotist’s Club have come up with a book meme that is short enough not to weary and thoughtful enough not to frustrate me. Reading the questions, I felt that I could answer them, and the dreaded “what is your favorite book” was not staring me in the face.

I hope that thinking critically about these questions, writing about them, and hopefully enjoying both, will exercise my brain in its more atrophied areas. Hopefully I will be able to remain faithful and finish this project. …It is a bad sign that I am already feeling lazy!

Anyway, on to the meat of the matter:

2012 Book Meme!

Time frame: Ten weeks.

Posting: Tuesday


Week 1: Book Crush(es)

Week 2: Books I’d give a theme song to

Week 3: Best villain

Week 4: Best love story

Week 5: Characters and literary figures I’d name my children after

Week 6: The author by whom you own the most books

Week 7: Favorite words and phrases, or lines and literary allusions that would win your heart.

Week 8: Best Story Settings

Week 9: Book(s) that you would bring on your honeymoon. (ie; so intrinsic to your life that it MUST be shared with your life partner as soon as possible. Or just fun to read together.)

Week 10: Books that I would bring if the world was going to be destroyed by aliens/cylons and we had to restart civilization as we know it. (ie: the basis of human knowledge and thought and civilization.)


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