Monthly Archives: March 2012

May, leave March alone!

My time has been short in past weeks, thus the lack of new posts. This will be a short one.

The weather in my home city has been refreshing and beautiful lately. The crocus and daffodils have come and gone, the iris are blooming and the dogwoods are trying to catch up. The world is full of color and the scents of new growth.

So why am I frustrated?

It isn’t right! This is the weather of April, if not May! Where is March? What has happened to it? Too soon, too quick. Spring is precious, I do not want it compressed into a single month. I do not want the rest to be devoured by summer. I prefer my seasons equally divided, and resent having them curtailed.

Am I spoiled? Certainly. Perhaps I should not feel entitled to a proper Winter (which failed to come this year) or a proper Spring. I will try to not be resentful of the rebellious seasons, but I do not think I can help being sad.

For all the sadness, though, the beauty and freshness of the reborn plants fill me with joy. I cannot even complain without remembering how grateful I am that there are trillium, virginia bluebell and soon… just in time for Easter, as always, there will be lily of the valley. Those fragrant white flowers, at least, seem to know what time of year it is.

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